Some brands I recently had the honor of working with:
Who, little ol' me? I'm Carly Berry; an over-eager, art dork who happens to be a freelance graphic designer + illustrator. But mostly I'm a 26 year old kid who just can't seem to stop making things, no matter how much life tells me to put my grown-up pantsuit on and pursue a retirement plan. I currently reside in Tallahassee, FL where I attended FSU and earned a BA in Studio Art with a focus in Digital Media and Printmaking. I came for the art and stayed for the pizza. Really, Tallahassee has the best pizza.

So welcome to my little corner of the Internet! Here you'll find a variety of work I've done for clients, as passion projects, and during my past life as a t-shirt designer. 

I'm inspired by the quirks in people's personalities, all things organically gooey, existential crises, 1970's typography, and the swishing sound of a windbreaker in a quite waiting room.

When I'm not creating things or ogling over cool art, you can usually find me outside trekking around with my partner and our pups. If you're really interested in my day to day life, I took a second long video every day for the last three years.
Check those out here: Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

So, thanks for comin'! Now please stay forever and be my best friend. Pizza?
I'm constantly expanding on my trade and love excuses to learn new technologies but here are the things I am currently proficient at:

Adobe Creative Suite
Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
Screen Printing
Letterpress Printing

Web Design

L E T ' S   M A K E   S T U F F
I went freelance so I could work on some dope projects with passionate people. Here are a few things I've done before and/or I'm dying to be apart of:
Beer Labels
Album Cover
Board Game Design
Book Illustration + design
Editorial Illustration
Packaging Design
Coffee Label
Thank you!
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