T H E   A D U L T   S T A R T E R   K I T

The Adult Starter Kit is an artist book, digitally printed and hand bound. This small square format accordion book equips the owner with the tools needed for adult hood ...essentially mundane objects that we are all obligated to interact with or own as responsibilities inevitably build up and we inch our way closer to a nine-to-five purgatory. Sounds horrible? Well there's some childhood wonder left! It is just up to you what you do with it. Think of it as a twisted choose your own adventure book. The back of all the pages are covered in a bright pattern made up of the joys of living simply while in adolescence. The spine of the book is removable and can be placed on either side of the book. So you have some options here. Switch the spine to the other side to create a standard format book filled with bright lovely pictures, leave the book as is (just esthetically pleasing meaningless objects), or build the damn things. Taking scissors to the contents, folding, gluing the pieces together all becomes symbolic as you cover and incase the kiddish pattern and are left with a paper alarm clock or lawn mower. 

I created this book during one of my final semesters of college, if that was not obvious enough. Besides my impending doom, I was inspired by artists books that were meant  to be used, changed, and destroyed. Books are usually seen as such holy objects. They contain some of the most reputable information and stand as mementos for changing time periods. I didn't want to create something that was supposed to be damaged just for the sake of anarchy. I wanted the process of destroying it to mean something. Adult Starter Kit also has a small built in social study because it is very telling what someone decides to do with the book. On a technical note, I really enjoyed creating 3D models for the objects, tons of icons, and working with this particular book structure. The cover and spine is a Heidi Kyle format. There is no adhesive which gives the book a very light and compact feel. It also lends to the ability to tear it up. And if I threw in a few hidden gems inside the covers? So be it. 
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