" C O N S O L I D A T E "
artist book by Carly Berry
edition of 3

screen printed, letter press printed,
dry impressions, and hand bound

Consolidate deals with themes of nostalgia, sentimentalism, and minimalism. As a person who places deep meaning onto inanimate objects but also longs for the minimalist life style, I struggle deciding on what constitutes an item worth keeping and one that should be let go. This book was made during a time when I was trying to invest in a tiny home while living in a 1,700 sq. ft. townhouse. It features a hand full of items that can be considered silly and significant at the same time. My intention is for the viewer to have a connection with my "junk" by thinking of the procession they hold at home that they can't bare to let go but feel weighed down by their presence. 
There is also a literal take on "consolidating" through the book. Each page is a pocket with a card that can slide out. These cards have images of the items from the corresponding page. So essentially, the viewer could strip the book of it's cards and just keep those to make a much simpler, compact book of my uselessly meaningful items.

I loved exploring different design layouts through out each page and strived to create every insert as a stand alone pleasant print. The pages where screen printed and the inserts were letter press printed. All hand bound in a long narrow flat back structure.  

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